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Business Plans: Following are the types of business plans prepared for investors, banks, E2 Visa, business partners, and leasing agents. All business plan work is developed remotely - travel is not required.

     -     Minimal Plan.  $800 (approximately 10 pages) Definition of business model with financials for 1 year.

     -     Moderate Plan.  $1,200 (approximately 16 pages) Definition of business model with all parts of a normal       business plan with abbreviated details and moderate market research.  The plan has financials for 1 year projection.

     -     Complex Plan. $1,800 (approximately 25-30 pages) Fully developed business plan for start-up company, including 3 year earnings and expense projections. Unique research for all parts of the plan.

     -    Expertise Plan, $2,400 (approximately 35-45 pages) Business plan for businesses already established for 2+ years OR for more complicated business models requiring extra research and business definition.     


Our business plans are written with honest, factual information, always presented in the best light to show the expected potential success of the business. The more realistic and conservative the financial projects, the easier it will be to show the potential investor that you are approaching the process with a realistic view, fully prepared for the hard work to follow. Your investor will see you are serious and not just a dreamer. 


If a business venture is highly unlikely to succeed, we tell the client our reasoning for concern, discuss potential changes to the business model to strength the potential for success, and then agree to the path of moving forward. We acknowledge there is plenty of competition of business plan writers, but you must follow your instincts to determine if you are getting the quality and the level of integrity required for this first step to your business launch. 

Our motivation is the thrill of being at the beginning step of start-up business launches. It's exciting and we love the responsibilty and the challenges presented. 

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